English GoiZo

Never give up your dream

Masato Kawaguchi has started his own business as English GoiZo (Formerly Masatinglish Australia🐨🇦🇺) since the mid-June 2019. Since then, he has been helping so many students passing the PTE exam, making their study plans as well as solving migration problems.

English Goizo is willing to help boost your English proficiency test’s score as well as 4 skills of English. Furthermore, he can solve your problems with regard to Study abroad plan, uni assignment’s proofreading and Migration.

*English GoiZo Programs

・General English 6 month program via Zoom (Grammar 文法、vocabulary 語彙、pronunciation 発音矯正、speaking, etc. スピーキングなど)

・3 months intensive PTE English program via Zoom

・General English 6 month program via Group Zoom meeting (Not Private lesson)

Should you have any query regarding my program fees and service, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.



English GoiZo

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