Big news for everyone!

Good afternoon! I’ve just checked yesterday’s news, one of which is an incredible news. As you probably know, The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has announced that some infectious diseases researchers are experimenting an innovative trial of the BCG vaccine against Covid-19.

I sincerely hope to see a significant sign of abatement when it comes to the prevalence and severity of Covid-19.

By the way, if you’ve already given a shot of the BCG vaccination after 1950s, you might’ve got a kinda antibody against Covid-19. This inoculation was originally developed against Tuberculosis. I am Japanese, and was born in the 1980s, so I remember when I was given a shot of the BCG vaccination in Primary School. ‘Tuberculin skin test” is given only for those having reacted with a positive sign.

By the way, BCG stands for Bacille Calmette Guerin. I don’t know what they mean, anyway LOL

Let me go back my main point. So, if you have this BCG vaccine-induced antibody, you are unlikely to deteriorate further unless you have a severe chronic disease or given prescriptions. But of course, even if this Institute research has proven, there is no way of obliterating the prevalence of Covid-19 at the moment. To minimise the possibility of getting contracted with Covid-19, we’d better practise social-distancing over the next few months. For me, I’m working at home, actually online, and learning English everyday, which are good. Definitely, I wanna go out for cycling, but ‘d better stay at home. Maybe just at weekends I go for a very early morning bike-ride!

Thanks for reading today!

Here is a Japanese news regarding this fantastic research news:

The below map indicates that there are three types of countries. This has succinctly shown some implications for this time of Covid-19 outbreak.

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