Why do you need to master English grammar?

G’day mate, how are you going? Today, I am going to talk about why you need to study English grammar from scratch. Some people say grammar is not that important, but you just try to give it a whirl. Others say you must master only English grammar, which is the most important element of the English language. The former is absolutely untrue, but the latter is also a bit extreme. You’ve got eventually the balanced learning between grammar and practicality, which means that just learning grammar rules is not enough to be able to put into practice, so you’ve gotta make sure you review English grammar throughly, but at the same time you discipline yourself in pronunciation and vocabulary as well. Let’s elaborate some reasons why you need to master English grammar.

You are not proficient in English if you write or say word by word, not in a proper word order and structure

Of course, if you were born in an English-speaking country and your parents speak English, then you’d be able to learn English grammar fairly naturally. But, if not, then grammar is crucially important. Just saying or writing blah blah blah word by word unfortunately confuses or in some cases irritates people. They have to strain to understand what you are trying to say or write. If you are conspicuously at an elementary level or a child, then people could probably stomach to connect the dots. Not merely are you shamed of yourself, but your listener could be annoyed by too wonky sentences.

Understanding English grammar rules and learning them deeply are the essence of human nature

Despite being a bit abstract, the importance of understanding English grammar is, so to speak, synonymous with appreciating the quintessence of the English culture. Ultimately speaking, you are often making an impertinent remark towards your listeners if you haven’t learnt and understood any grammar rules. You could understand how they feel the other way round. Of course, it depends upon a person, but the better grammar comprehension you have, the smoother your listeners can understand what you are saying, and the less stressful both sides will become.

When it comes to input/output learning, the knowledge of English sentence structures is indispensable

Without the knowledge of English grammar, it’s going to be extremely difficult to read, listen, write and speak proper English. Grammar is the pivot of any language. When you are reading, you somehow tend to think about grammar rules. When you are listening to the podcast or radio programmes, you somehow tend to do so as well. And ditto…writing and speaking. Your learning process can be progressing so much faster and smoother if you finish grammar first.

Understanding and accurately using English tense is the point of English conversation

Even if you just want to enjoy English conversation, you still need grammar knowledge, especially correct tense to explain what you want to convey to your chat partner. Inaccurate tense often leads to misunderstanding or even quarrel, so making sure you specify whether it’s present, present continuous, past, or past continuous, or others. This is really important! It should be understood that people don’t really get it more than you think if you persist saying incorrect tense all the time. Dead simple, just go back to your grammar book.

You can have more sophisticated conversations or sentences if you’ve fully learnt and understood English grammar

To put it simply, your writing and speaking skills can be so much better and even more sophisticated if you know correct advanced grammar rules. Showing off your refined sentences in writing or speaking in public is not ostentatious at all, it is rather normal for even native speakers. When you’ve learnt something new, you shall show off. This cyclical learning process takes you to the next level.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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