My recommended websites for learning English (vol.1)

G’day mate. What are you up to? Today, I am going to talk about my recommended websites for your English learning. There are so many learning websites out there, but I’d like to introduce you to the websites called ‘TED Talks’ and ‘Google Chrome Browser’. As you probably know both, I want to explain the way in which they should be used for your learning training. Let’s begin!

TED Talks offers all full scripts, so that you can use them as reading stuff (Reading)

Not only are you able to learn new vocabularies, but you’re also be able to learn how English grammar rules are applied to the sentences. For instance, the first sentence of the above script says ‘Memory is such an everyday thing that we almost take it for granted’, in which you reckon ‘take it for granted’ might be your new expression. First, you try to guess what it means by reading between the lines. And, then you try to use it for your self-talk.

You can utilise TED talks as a means of boosting your working memory by repeating sentences (Listening)

You can also repeat sentences as you listen to the audio. You pause the audio and repeat it exactly what you heard. It’s easy to check whether you repeated is perfectly correct, partially correct or completely wrong using ‘Google Chrome Browser’.

You open another window for this website, and you click the mic button, then you go back to TED talks and you start repeating. This Chrome Browser’s AI will try to recognise your voice and dictate on your behalf. Once you’ve finished repeating a sentence, then you go back to this page to check whether how many words AI accurately dictated what you said. 100%? 80%? or barely 50%? or 0%? If it’s below 80%, then you need to refine your English pronunciation. Are you pronouncing all 44 sounds correctly? You will detect succinctly which sounds you might be mispronouncing.

You just try to listen to the TED’s presentation for approximately 2 mins, during which you jot down some keywords (Listening)

The above script is around 2 mins. So, this sort of length you should be listening, depending on presentation. First, instead of seeing the script, you just try to listen to the audio and note down some keywords that you might think it’s important or the gist of what the speaker is talking about. Probably you write down at least 20 to 30 words, especially nouns, adjectives or sometimes adverbs. Meaningful words only have to be noted down. A piece of tip for you is to understand some signposts, such as ‘But’, ‘As…’, ‘Then’, ‘for example’, ‘If’, and so on and so forth. Having done your note-taking, you should synthesise what you’ve got here on your note for a min or two.

Use the keywords you’ve jotted down, and you start summarising what you’ve understood from the 2 mins presentation for 40 secs (Speaking)

Don’t have a look at the original script. You can just have a look at your note. You may start talking about your summary of what you’ve understood. No unnecessary pause and hesitation are allowed, so don’t worry about making mistakes. No one’s checking your speech, but only AI will do. You open Google Chrome Browser and click the mic button as you do your repeat sentence training. You might feel it’s much harder to do compared to Repeat sentences as your grammar knowledge, sentence structure, the precision of your pronunciation will be stringently tested under time pressure. Sometimes it’s good to have this sort of circumstance. As you check when you do repeat sentences, the result of the AI test needs to be analysed.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading! Should you have any further information or query, please feel free to contact me, so that I can give you some advice, or in some cases you might be interested in doing my English program. Much appreciated if you could leave some comments here.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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