My recommended website for English learning: “ScienceDaily”

G’day mate, how are you going? Today, I am going to talk about my recommended website for English learning: “ScienceDaily”. I’ve been personally reading articles from this website every morning. The reason why I’ve been recommending this is this:

“ScienceDaily” is suitable for those who consider “Nature”, one of the most well-known and prestigious British Science magazines, as kind of hard to read and understand

“ScienceDaily” isn’t intended to be a very science-addict but sort of generic readers as it aims for those who are interested in gaining a broader knowledge about science. “Nature”, in contrast, aims to catch a science-addict’s attention as it focuses more on a deeper level of scientific research and offers proven results of experimentation.

“ScienceDaily” offers a complete free of charge online science-related articles comprising Health, Tech, Environment, Society and Quirky

Please have a look at the above image, and every day a new topic pops up, which is very enchanting. If you are passionate about gathering information about new science topics or a bit of details of what you are after. All yours mate! Even if you prefer a paper-based magazine to e-magazine, this website is genuinely worth having a flick through on a daily basis. For instance, today I read the second one ‘Evolution of Coronavirus from Animals to Humans’, which is a kinda hot topic, isn’t it? Despite many folks being fed up with Corona corona and corona news this year, I personally want to know what’s going on lately and conceivably I am a kind of person who is crazy about knowing new things, especially fancy words. Someone like me will surely be bewitched by browsing this website.

“ScienceDaily” does not always show off too difficult and any esoteric terminology, it rather demonstrates how researchers intend to write complicated topics in a simpler English

“Nature” might be esoteric, to some extent, for those being not used to scientific writings and deeper knowledge. Although I’ve been one of Nature’s readers since 2002, I still feel hard to read and understand without any prior knowledge. Usually, when I try to read Nature’s articles, I try to garner some rudimentary background information and knowledge from other websites such as “ScienceDaily”, ‘NewScientist, or even ‘Wikipedia”. That’s why “ScienceDaily” is a sort of versatile magazine that satiates your curiosity.

“ScienceDaily” offers a very easy-to-understand abstract (summary) for any busy-business person

Unfortunately, this website no longer offers a mobile app anymore, so you can only read via google search if you want to read articles when you’re going out. It used to have an app before, but not now, which sucks. But never mind, just google it and you can read any article whatsoever. For instance, one of today’s articles is here:

You see the Summary above. Starting from the title, followed by date of its publication, where does this article from, and the comprehensive summary. If you’ve already done a uni degree in an English-speaking country, you should obviously know how academic writing looks like. Otherwise, no worries, no matter how you know or not. It’s dead simple, right? You can sort of visualise what this article is about once you’ve read this summary. “Nature” does not offer any Summary, Abstract nor Executive Summary, so “ScienceDaily” is a good start for busy business people and beginners!

“ScienceDaily” provides free Email Newsletters to anyone who’s interested in receiving daily articles

You can choose Newsletters including a wide range of subtopics, which you can find it extremely intriguing. Please have a look at this:

You just choose your preference by clicking the email icon to subscribe free Newsletters. And, you receive a message every morning. Please give it a whirl. You’ll never be bored stiff. In order to boost your English language skills, the more you read the better practical skills you’ll acquire, and the less boring you’ll feel.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!

Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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