What are no-good ways of English learning?

G’day mate, how are things going? Today, I am going to talk about what no-good ways of English learning are. This is my perception or a piece of my thought. I do understand some of you might reckon and suspect whether or not one of the ways I share works out. So, don’t get me wrong. But nevertheless I am specifically saying based on my past research and experimentation. Let’s begin!

It’s a no-good way if you just keep practising read-aloud without having mastered the 44 sounds of English pronunciation

The persistence of mispronunciation has a deleterious effect on your daily effort and perseverance. Understandably, reading aloud is one of the best ways to improve your speaking skills including not just oral fluency but pronunciation as well. However, it is going to take a hell of a lot of time to refine the sounds you are prone to mispronounce. It’s not a big deal if you, first of all, stop practising read-aloud and learn IPA sounds’ symbols from scratch. You might be surprised at how you’ve persisted mispronouncing some particular sounds. There are heaps of good free materials out there, so just google it! After having mastered all sounds, you go back to read-aloud, which is, in the end, so much faster and easier to improve your speaking skills.

It’s a no-good way if you haven’t yet understood even junior high school’s level of English grammar, and you are doing extensive reading

Extensive reading without a good understanding of basic grammar rules has also a disastrous consequence, which will deteriorate further in your future learning. Mastering Junior High level’s grammar is not hard, but it will take a while. But nevertheless, it’s extremely important for beginners to learn grammar and basic vocabularies first prior to jumping into extensive reading. I reckon it’s absolutely mysterious how on earth people can read books without understanding basic grammar rules and vocabularies. There will have, unfortunately, no magic in terms of language study unless you were born and raised in an English-speaking country with English-speaking parents, in which case exceptional circumstances could be applied. Otherwise, it’s hardly learn pronunciation naturally without understanding IPA symbols. My English program offers a chance to refine all sounds perfectly! If you are interested in, please feel free to contact me.

It’s a no-good way if you are not good at talking to yourself but are doing an online lesson with a native speaker

Not good at talking to yourself but doing an online lesson with a native speaker does not work effectively and efficiently. Probably, what you should be doing at online chats is to listen to a native-speaker’s question, answer the question by a few words, but if the native speaker asks the question in a different way, you might be stuck in answering it due to lack of grammar, vocabularies, oral fluency, pronunciation, as well as flexibility. To overcome these things, you ought to do self-talk a lot before flirting with a free conversation with a native speaker. This is also a mystery for me why people want to talk to a native-speaker without mastering all basic things. Without them, it will take for ages!! Just please be patient for doing such a free conversation, and instead you master basic things although I do understand how boring learning basic things are. But it’s indispensable for every learners to go through them. You will be stunned by how easy you will be able to talk to a native speaker once you’ve done all basic things.

It’s a no-good way if you purchase an English phrase book and memorise all phrases in it

This is one of the worst ways when it comes to English learning for beginners. I understand some people just want to learn basic phrases that are useful for travelling around an English-speaking country. I am not saying it’s totally ridiculous, but it’s not recommendable at all if you are eager to learn English seriously and for the purpose of going abroad to study in the future. There are heaps of phrase books when you are sticking around any book shop, but the overwhelming majority of the phrase books are intended to be a non-serious-English learner, and I would say they are just imposing somehow useful but mostly inflexible phrases upon English beginners as a marketing purpose. Don’t buy them and don’t make a futile effort. Instead of buying a phrase book, please try to grab an English newspaper, magazine, Penguin’s paperback series, etc. They are all good! Even if you don’t understand, they will soon be extremely useful once you’ve learnt all basic things.

It’s a no-good way if you try to write an English diary or blog without having a proper understanding all grammar rules and a wide range of vocabularies

This way is also not effective at all. I am not saying it’s totally a waste of time. But it just does not work in a proper manner. You can definitely write something in English with a limited understanding of English grammar and vocabularies, but the thing is that you will get used to some wrong grammar usage and inappropriate collocation and word-choice in your head, as a result of which it’s going to be difficult to rectify the situation. It just takes a hell of a lot of time to overcome. Before getting wrong manners of grammar and vocabs, why don’t you try to master all basic things, which will make your English learning so much easier. There is no doubt that writing an English diary or blog is an absolutely excellent pragmatic method to boost your comprehensive English skills.

That’s all for today. Much appreciated you having a flick through my blog!

Have a good one mate!

Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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