Why English blog is so effective for practising English?

G’day mate, how are you going? Today, I am going to be briefly touching upon the reason why I think English blog is so effective for practising English. But, needless to say, it should have some prerequisites prior to kickstarting an English blog. Such as the mastery of basic English grammar, Germanic-led basic words and pronunciation. Ok, then, what are the merits? I am going to elaborate them further.

First of all, you can show off the things that you’ve learnt, memorised, or want to demonstrate

I reckon it’s quite important for any of use learning English to practise regularly by way of either writing or speaking. Just reading books and listening to podcasts or radio programs are not good enough to be able to boost your overall English proficiency. Writing your personal or business-oriented blog in English seems a bit daunting for English learners who have never written in English, but it’s going to be extremely fantastic opportunities when it comes to broadening your horizon. And also, English blogs is going to be a vivid reminder of the expressions, phrases, vocabulary as well as past stories.

Second, you can read them aloud, simultaneously check your pronunciation

You don’t want to write your blog, and that’s it. This is not good enough, as it might become a piece of your own learning materials. So, don’t leave it, but instead you should make the best use of your blogs for practising your English. Not only will you be able to read them aloud for boosting your confidence in speaking, but you’ll also be able to refine your pronunciation. So, for instance, you don’t just want to subvcalise my blog here, but you might want to read this aloud. Of course, whatever you read aloud, it’s going to be awesome, mate.

Third, you can boost your creativity and imagination if you write your own English blogs regularly

Writing things in different languages is going to be very difficult, as it requires you to take into account complete different grammar, expressions as well as cultural backgrounds. Thus, it’s undeniably tough to do, but once you’ve got used to it, you will notice how effective writing a blog in English is quite beneficial for expanding your creative and imaginative thinking. This is really a supercalifragilistic method for every English learner to improve your overall English capability.

Fourth, you will be more conscious of the logic behind the things that you want to convey in English rather than contemplating them in your own language

This is simply because that when you are writing something in English, there are so many things going on in your brain, right? Such as grammar, vocabulary, expressions, etc. My understanding of English is that English is one of the most logic-prone languages as no subject no pronoun seems incomprehensible to anyone who’s listening to you. In Japanese, even if we don’t say exactly who or what, your listener can possibly get the drift of what you wanted to say. However, in English it’s normally double-Dutch to them, as it’s quite hard to speculate who or what without specifying it. Therefore, you will be naturally able to be more aware of the logic behind.

Finally, you can practise your speaking stuff by writing a blog in English

It’s a simple thing, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter whether you practise your English in either speaking or writing, partly because they are both “output”. You don’t have to write a sort of academic essays. You just type up anything that you want to speak, in which case your expressions, vocabulary as well as grammar are also going to be very general and basic ones, but nevertheless it’s important to keep in mind the fact that you’ll never be able to correctly write academic essays until you could confidently write your spoken stories in English. Specifically speaking, your speaking level is definitely intertwined with the writing level. You cannot write things that you can’t speak, and vice versa. So, it’s a good practice, ascertaining which level your speaking and writing should be at.

That’s all for today! Thanks for having a flick through.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.


Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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