My recommended mail magazines for your morning read-aloud routine

G’day, how’re ya going mate? Today, I am going to be touching upon my recommended mail magazines for your morning read-aloud routine. I do understand many of you guys might be so hectic in every morning, and so there will have almost no time for learning English in the morning, especially during weekdays. But, are you sure? Even if you are so busy in the morning, you still spend some time on procrastinating before heading to your work or school, don’t you? I believe everyone could have a certain amount of time for reading your received emails. Let’s get into it, shall we?

*The NEWDAILY – which publishes every morning and arvo

The NEWDAILY is a free of charge mail magazine-based online newspaper, and it’s fairly easy to read for intermediate level of English learners. If you subscribe to this mail magazine, then you will receive the latest news every morning and every arvo as well. It’s really beneficial for those who want to boost English vocabulary and knowledge about current affairs. It basically covers a wide range of topics you might be interested in. I highly recommend checking this out for your reference.

*FP Morning Brief – which tends to be written with a bit of academic and formal tone, but it’s still accessible to anyone who aspires to learn more sophisticated English sentences

FP Morning Brief is a part of one of the prestigious magazines called ‘Foreign Policy’ relative to the well-known magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’. I’ve been consistently reading both magazines since I turned 21. They are both very well-written ones in English, and also there are huge benefits for those seeking for an opportunity to study the realm of political science, particularly International Relations and Global Security. I’m still into these expertise, but nonetheless I’m more passionate about English language per se, so that I’ve been perusing these magazines for not just getting my head round new political ideas, but also wrapping my head round new English phrases and words. If you are more serious about learning a higher level of English language, then this mail magazine is for you, mate.

*MIT Technology Review – which is more like a tech-savvy oriented one rather than current affairs

If you sign up for this MIT Technology Review, then you will receive the latest news every morning. There will have heaps of tech-oriented words and expressions, so you might be intrigued by them when it comes to English learning. Personally, I always enjoy this magazine every morning. You don’t have to understand the meaning of sentences, but you just try to read them aloud, simultaneously recording yourself and using Chrome Browser to appraise and self-analyse your performance in terms of English pronunciation, rhythm and phrasing as well. In this magazine, each article has a fairly short sentence rather than a very wordy academic styled one, so that it’s gonna be straightforward and easy to understand and read. Therefore, I highly recommend subscribing to this magazine for your read-aloud routine training. It’s absolutely free of charge, so you want to maximise the possibility of disciplining yourself to boost your English speaking ability in the most cost-effective way.

*Nature Briefing – which is a part of one of highly refined English-written science magazines in the world, and which is a very concise version of science news

Nature Briefing has an essential round-up of science news, and opinion & analysis. When it comes to the level of English, it’s a bit hard for those having yet mastered all basic English grammar and Oxford 5000 words to comprehend in a short period of time. But nevertheless, it’s still very beneficial for reading them aloud to increase your speaking ability and improve English pronunciation. And also you will learn English grammar as well through reading a wide range of English structures. In comparison with English literature or any social science articles, this magazine uses more formal and passive voice-based sentences. Sometimes, it’s really good to read aloud written-styled sentences for boosting your reading skills.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!!

Have a good one, mate!

Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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