“Reading Aloud” is a highly effective way of improving various things

G’day mate. How are ya? It’s been a while. Sorry I’ve been swamped with so much thing over the last few months. This is just my excuse, anyway. Ok, today I am going to be touching upon how “Reading aloud” is a highly effective way of improving various things. To be more effective, of course, you need to embark on “read aloud” in a proper manner. Let’s get underway.

First and foremost, your concentration level on anything such your professional work, hobby, domestic chores, etc. could be improving. This is simply because that when you are reading English articles aloud, you obviously concentrate on the articles themselves. Otherwise, you can’t pronounce words properly, can you? So, you’re not thinking about anything at all except the articles themselves. Of course, you’re allowed to think about the way in which you articulate, enunciate and pronounce word by word in accordance with IPA phonemic symbols. And, apparently you can think about what the articles are about, which help improve your reading comprehension skills. Sorry to digress a bit, but this read aloud training offers you a chance to boost concentration on everything.

Second, “Reading aloud” helps not become a forgetful person. The sole reason is that you have to concentrate on reading itself and you are sort of re-organising your brain, so that any redundant or junky information will be deleted out of your head. If you become a forgetful person, then inside your head always remains ill-organised, so that you can’t clean up redundancies, as a result of which you can’t put some new information into your memory properly. “Reading aloud” gives you a chance to wipe out many evils.

Third, even if you don’t really like studying, “Reading aloud” is probably the best for you as a means of getting rid of your sense of unwillingness to study. I reckon, for those who hate studying, their image for study is like memorising so much thing for exams, preparing a piece of paper and pen, and writing writing writing, right? Personally, I don’t mind, but the vast majority of people presumably disrelish this traditional style. “Read aloud”, however, solves the problem with ease. You don’t need to prepare any tangible thing at all for this training. Whenever you feel comfortable, you just try to read some interesting articles aloud. As you continue to do so, your deep hatred towards studying will soon be vanished. The more you read aloud, the more you become infatuated with English learning, and the less stress you are going to feel for sure.

Last but not least, you can definitely and progressively improve English pronunciation as you continue to read aloud. To this end, however, you ought to master something important, which is IPA 44 phonemic symbols and basic grammar rules prior to embarking on “read aloud.” I believe they are not a big deal. But of course how long you have to spend time on them depends upon a person and circumstances. I always underscore the paramount importance of reaching at least 85% understanding and accuracy of English pronunciation as well as grammar rules. Not everything is easy to tackle, at some points you’ve got to persevere, which could be applicable to any field of study. Nothing is impossible to achieve: however, no pain no gain.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading my blog!!

I’ll see you around. Chao.

Published by Masato Kawaguchi

I am an English entrepreneur here in Australia. I've been teaching the PTE exam for the last 2 years or so, now mainly general English online.

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