My method to get good habits of using English

G’day, how are you going, everyone? Today, I am going to discuss my method to get good habits of using English wherever I am. Are you using English on a daily basis? It’s worth changing your prior habits of not using English. What am I doing, then? Let me elucidate what my habits are. FirstContinue reading “My method to get good habits of using English”

Tips: How to switch your Mode from your language to English

G’day, how’s it going? Today, I am going to talk about how to switch your mode from your language to English in a daily life, especially this time of self-isolation. I coined “English Moderisation“. There are heaps of methods, but I’d like to recommend five ways: You can find a variety of English-written mail magazineContinue reading “Tips: How to switch your Mode from your language to English”

Talking to yourself

G’day, howz it goin? Today, I don’t have any particular topic about which I’d like to talk, so just wanna briefly explain how I study and practise English on a daily basis. When I get up in the morning, what I do is meditation for 15 – 25 mins, depending upon how I feel. Then,Continue reading “Talking to yourself”

The very first time doing meditation

G’day, it was the very first time for me to do meditation at home earlier this morning. It was awesome! Although closing eyes and not thinking anything for 20 mins were kinda hard, I’m feeling really great. Not only does meditation give you a chance to mitigate your stress level, but it can also keepContinue reading “The very first time doing meditation”

I’m into yoga and meditation

Keeping active and practising a regular exercise routine is a great way for people to keep their physical and mental health in good shape, especially as self-isolation life starts to take a toll in the long run. What we shouldn’t do, however, is to go out exercising and congregate in a big group and spendContinue reading “I’m into yoga and meditation”